Do I Need a Course to Start a Digital Marketing Career in Hong Kong?

We live in a world that moves to the beat of a digital drum, and it is especially so in Hong Kong. Not only do four billion people - which is over half of the planet's population - use the internet, but increasingly, consumers use their smartphones, tablets and mobile devices to carry out research, connect with their peers and make buying decisions wherever they are.

As emerging technologies continue to present themselves and the digital world evolves, and with Hong Kong ever eager to surf the digital waves to success, it is only wise that brands, businesses and budding digital marketers, like you, move with the changes and keep up with the latest industry trends while boosting your skills on a regular basis. It is never safe to assume you are always digital-savvy enough.

Presently, 76% of businesses describe their relationship with technology and digital transformation as average or above average. This shows the ever-growing power of digital and that anyone who is slow to adopt the right digital skills or talent will probably not survive in the long run.

So, what does all this mean? Basically, it means that to thrive and survive in tomorrow’s increasingly competitive professional landscape, choosing the right digital marketing course is essential to help you and your company gain the fundamental skills you need to kick-start your career in digital marketing. 

The Importance of Taking a Digital Marketing Course

We are living in the midst of widening the digital skills gap. In fact, in the UK, almost one quarter (22%) of business owners believe a lack of digital skills in their workforce is preventing them back from meeting their full potential. With the right digital marketing course, you stand a real chance of gaining an all-important competition, offering a level of skill that others can’t and becoming a glistening needle in a giant digital haystack.

The right digital marketing course is not only a vital way of gaining a foundation in all of the essential disciplines of digital marketing, but it will help to provide you with a lot of other personal assets that will accelerate your long-term professional success.

While rich in information and covering a wide range of material, a good digital marketing course is pretty learner-driven as it allows a student to learn at a pace that suits their personal preferences and needs. This kind of support yet autonomous learning model will give you the abilities to continue your learning - a personal quality that is vital if you want to remain relevant and enjoy ongoing success as a digital marketer.

This continuous or lifelong learning will not only ensure you evolve with the digital landscape around you, progressing your career over time, but is also proven to be excellent for your long-term help and levels of motivation.

Plus, a digital marketing course will drill down into key skills based on search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and affiliate marketing, among other disciplines, giving you an excellent fundamental knowledge of the field while helping you to decide the area in which you would like to specialise.

The Benefits of a Professional Certification

Up to 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions.

Based on this insight alone, now more than ever, employers are looking to professional certifications as a viable alternative to university or college degrees as confirmation of the candidate’s digital proficiency and skillset in Hong Kong.

By successfully completing a digital marketing course and gaining professional certification, you are essentially validating your skills and abilities, proving that you have relevant knowledge in your field of expertise while demonstrating an ongoing willingness to learn and gain new, valuable skills in the future.

To summarise the importance of gaining an industry-recognised digital marketing qualification, here is a rundown of the key benefits:

  • Professional recognition: A digital marketing certification will give a potential employer the ability to recognise and understand that your skills meet a high professional standard.

  • Proof of quality: 90% of employers state that certified individuals are more likely to gain promotion than those without, while 89% feel that in general, people perform better than non-certified staff in similar roles.

  • Enhanced industry knowledge: As mentioned, gaining an industry-recognised certification provides a valuable qualification, but it also provides an enhanced level of niche knowledge in an increasingly specialist area - which in today's ever-evolving digital world is priceless.

Final Thoughts

"The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow." - Bill Gates

To answer the burning question: Do I Need a Digital Course to Start a Career in Digital Marketing? Yes, absolutely you do, especially now than ever, especially when you are in Hong Kong.

While many of the foundations of digital marketing remain the same, this is an industry that keeps even the most knowledgeable digital marketers, spokespeople and industry-leaders on their toes - and if you’d like to get your career off to the best possible start with the experts in the industry in Hong Kong, gaining the skills, understanding, personal attributes and proven validation you need to thrive, kick-starting your career with a digital marketing course is not optional, it’s a compulsory tool for success.

Source: Digital Marketing Institute