Alumni Testimonial Reviews

The course has changed our mindset towards the word of “Digital Marketing” itself. And it guides us from the past, present and even the future! Whatever your career field and position are, this is the must-have knowledge nowadays!
— Fung Chi Mei, Marketing Officer, Part-Time, May 18'
Extremely helpful ! Perfect course for anyone who is looking to know more about digital marketing !
— Rusty Chiu, Whole Sale Sales Executive, Part-Time, February '18
The course is very good for beginners who want to get the fundamental knowledge in digital marketing.
— Katherine Wong, Retail Marketing Manager, Full-Time, April 18'
I learned a lot from this week-long intensive course. There are many takeaways, including design for our upcoming web page, change contents for existing web page to increase organic search, and using GA to informed strategy.
— Kara Chan, Education, Full-Time, February '17
Bonfire’s course in digital marketing was a great experience that provided me with insights into the digital marketing environment as a whole. Although I’ve been creating content online for almost a decade, I learned many new things throughout the classes.

For the price, I would recommend it since this is much more affordable than similar quality digital marketing programs in the city.
— Kristeen Anne Romero, Content Creator, Part-Time, August '16
The professional diploma in Digital Marketing is an excellent course that has both theory and practical hands-on elements for non IT marketing and business people. As a marketing professional I feel confident that I can now apply better digital strategies, and also understand the best tools to use to maximise my digital marketing campaigns.
— Sally Jones, FMCG, Full-Time, August '15
I strongly recommend those who are working in advertising to take this course. If we still want to stay at the forefront of the market, we must comprehend the market trend.
— Frankie Luk, Advertising, Full-Time, August '15
The choice of venue is very spacious, cosy and the class format is very free style which encouraged a lot of interactions and open discussions! I must say it is one of the “must do” course if you need to know more on digital marketing, whether it’s for personal interest or work related!
— Amanda Chang, Security, Part-Time, June '15
We all may know something about digital. But, do we have the right concept, understanding and know-how. I took the course of “Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing”. It has enriched my concept, understanding and know-how of digital marketing in a structural, academic yet practical way.
— Daniel Chan, Marketing, Full-Time, September '15
It covers knowledge that a Marketer should know! Now I’m more confident on doing digital marketing.
— Gladys Chin, Marketing, Full-Time, August '15
I now feel much more prepared to work with digital agencies and believe I can have better judgment on what agencies proposed. I have already recommended this course to some of my friends who works in the marketing field!
— Cherry Ma, Marketing, Part-Time, June '15
You can google almost anything, but this course will teach you how to be googleable.
— Ana Bartolome, Manufacturing and Distribution, Full-Time, August '15